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  • Abo Glass Ishi Point, Glass Arrowhead


    A copy of Ishi’s aboriginal arrow points that tipped his arrows when he was living in the wilderness of Northern CA.

  • flint hunting point

    Flint Hunting Point for Modern Arrows (130 grains)


    This stone point is designed to screw into a standard modern carbon fiber or aluminum arrow. It weighs 130 grains and has a 7/8″ wide cutting diameter. It also has a non-barbed profile to conform to some state laws that require a non barbed broadhead design. The stone point is secured into a short hardwood foreshaft and is glued in with epoxy, then wrapped on with artificial sinew. To add to it’s deadly appearance, it’s painted in the same color scheme as a coral snake. Identical stone points I’ve made have been used to take big game in North America and even South Africa, so these points have proved deadly on a variety of big, tough game animals. This point allows even modern bowhunters to experience hunting with primitive points without having to change up their entire set up. These points can be shot from any compound bow, traditional bow, or crossbow. This point is designed for standard carbon fiber or aluminum arrows and will NOT fit into the newer, super slim carbon fiber arrows.

  • Flint Hunting Points (25 Grains)


    Three small but deadly flint hunting points.

  • Flint Hunting Points (40 grains)


    A matched set of big game flint hunting points weighing 40 grains.

  • Flint Hunting Points (60 grains)


    This set of 3 matched weight flint hunting points are designed for big game. They all weigh 60 grains (+/- 1 grain) and are side notched for durability and sturdy hafting and do not have any barbs to conform with states that require non-barbed broadheads. The edges are finely serrated and they provide 7/8″ cutting widths for large entry wounds, rapid blood loss and quick, humane kills. These points have been proven in both North America and Africa, and will bring down any big game animal if the arrow is put in the right spot.

  • Gunther Barbed Point

    Gunther Barbed Arrowhead 2, Gunther Barbed Point


    A beautiful Gunther Barbed point made of dark red coastal plains flint.

  • Gunther Barbed Point 1 SOLD OUT


    This beautiful little Gunther Barbed point is made of heat treated agatized coral from Florida.  It’s translucent white with a splash of yellow-brown on one edge.  It’s finely serrated and possesses very sharp edges.  I took a deer with an almost identical point of similar size several years ago, so these points have proved their effectiveness on big game.

    Arrowhead Specs:  1 1/4″ long, 7/8″ wide.  Free Shipping!

  • Gunther Barbed Point 3


    A colorful Gunther Barbed point made of Flint Ridge flint.

  • Gunther Barbed Point 4, Gunther Barbed Arrowhead


    This small but deadly Gunther Barbed point is made from a piece of pink coastal plains flint and has long barbs, finely serrated edges and a needle sharp tip.

    Arrowhead Specs:  1 5/8″ long x 1 5/8″ wide.  Free shipping on this item to any US destinations.

  • Long Blue Glass Wintu Point


    This cool looking Wintu point is made of blue glass and it has a very long, lean profile with delicately made upturned notches.  This point is flat and also quite thin and is a beautiful example of fine flintknapped art.  The Wintu people lived in Northern California near the town of Redding and originally they made their exquisite arrow points out of obsidian, but started using glass after white settlers moved in.

    Arrowhead Specs: 3″ long x 1/2″ wide.

  • African ArrowheadAfrican arrowhead_1

    Northern Africa Arrowhead Replica


    Copy of authentic arrowheads from Northern Africa.

  • west coast arrowheadwest coast arrow point

    West Coast Arrowhead


    This exquisite little arrowhead is a copy of the kind that are found in southern California and would have once tipped the arrows of the Native Americans who roamed and hunted in the deserts of that region.  These points have a distinct style of side notches that angle downward toward the base.  This point is made of grey Georgetown flint from Texas.   Free shipping within the U.S.