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  • Northern Paiute arrowNorthern Paiute Arrow

    Northern Paiute Arrow Replica


    This beautiful arrow is a based on arrow fragments that were recovered in the 1930’s from Roaring Springs cave in SE Oregon.  The fragments are currently in the collection of the Univ of Oregon Museum of Anthropology and I personally examined them while researching for the Northern Paiute Bow and Arrow video.  If you’re interested in owning that video, click here.

    The main shaft is reed with a hardwood foreshaft.  It’s tipped with a small obsidian point that’s held in place with pine sap glue and a wrapping of deer sinew. It’s fletched with turkey tail feathers held with sinew.  The paint design under the feathers copies the very paint design that was on the original arrow fragment, but unfortunately it was broken just a few inches in front of the feathers, so we don’t know what the front of the arrow looked like.  So the paint design on the front is purely a guess, but it’s based on some other Paiute arrow fragments and common paint designs we’ve seen.  This arrow comes with an information card and is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to you.  Shipping to all U.S. customers is included in the price!

  • Northern Paiute Arrow Replica 1


    Northern Paiute arrow replica based on authentic examples from Northern Nevada.

  • Northern Paiute Bow and Arrows video

    Northern Paiute Bow and Arrows DVD (NEW!)


    This page is for ordering the physical DVD.  Streaming also available!    Click here to order the streaming version.

    Primitive Pathways proudly announces its latest video release: Making the Northern Paiute Bow and Arrows! This project took 5 1/2 years to film, edit and complete and is the most labor-intensive instructional video we’ve produced so far. In it, you’ll learn every step in constructing the elusive archery gear of the Northern Paiute. Billy Berger and Steve Allely once again join forces and combine their skills of researching, replication, and professional production to create this 2-hour adventure that you’ll watch again and again.

    You’ll get to see very rare authentic Paiute archery artifacts in both private collections and the Univ. of Oregon Museum of Anthropology. Then Billy and Steve collect the very same materials the Paiutes used for their bows and arrows and they show you each step in contructing the entire set-up from start to finish. All aspects of construction are covered: Cutting the wood, shaping the bow, sinew backing, tillering, twisting a sinew bowstring, collecting the reed for arrows, straightening the reed, painting, fletching, making and mounting the stone point, and shooting the bow. Sprinkled throughout the video are the “seasonings” that make an instructional video something much more than the sum of its parts. We interview a living Northern Paiute elder for his insights on the bow and arrows of his people and how they hunted. And we visit numerous significant archaeological sites of the Northern Paiute.

    Most videos would end there. But that’s where this video is just getting started. With the completed weapons, Billy and Steve then embark on the epic challenge of using these prehistoric weapons in real hunts. Experience the thrill of chasing squirrels in the woodlands and rabbits in the desert as though you’re right there, with amazing over-the-shoulder viewpoints of arrows in flight as Billy and Steve  attempt to put meat in the pot. The action is non-stop as they pursue numerous small game. You’ll see just how effective replica Paiute weapons really are in the hands of experienced primitive bowhunters.

    This 2 hour, 2-disc set is an unforgettable adventure of mystery, enlightenment, and exploration. Follow the footsteps of the Northern Paiute deep into the past as we examine their artifacts, resurrect their ancient way of life and reconstruct their long forgotten weapons.  We’ll clear away the fog of a long-ago time and bring these weapons into their rightful place in the modern world. The first 75 DVD orders will receive signed copies autographed by both Steve and Billy.