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  • hickory hunting bow,hickory hunting bow,

    42-lb Hickory Bow


    This painted hickory bow was made by my friend Dan Spier and it pulls 42-lbs at its max draw of 26 inches.  It’s designed for a right handed shooter with a deer antler arrow rest and a lime green and orange string made of Fast Flite for maximum speed and minimal handshock.  The back is painted with stripes of red, black and yellow, with dots interspersed between the lines.  The grip is wrapped with twine and has accents of red string wraps on both sides of the grip.  This is an effective hunting/target bow.  This bow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe that you can keep and use as a storage/shipping container for the bow.  Care/Instruction sheet included.

    Bow Specs: Hickory self bow, 58 1/2 inches long, 42-lbs at 26 inches. For right handed shooters.

  • Apache Arrow Replica 1


    A beautiful copy of an authentic Chiricahua Apache arrow from Arizona.

  • Bark Arrow Quiver 1Bark Arrow Quiver

    Bark Arrow Quiver


    This cool arrow quiver is made from a slab of tulip poplar bark that has beaver fur around the rim to minimize the sound of arrows rattling against the opening, as well as a leather lined bottom to keep this quiver quiet when traveling through the forest.  It has a braided leather strap so it can be carried on the back.  There’s also a decorative beaded band that was made in a loom and it stretches the entire length of the quiver.  Quiver length: 18 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches diameter.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Blue Millefiori Glass Arrowhead

    Blue Flower Glass Arrowhead, Millefiori Glass Arrowhead


    This beautiful Wintu style arrowhead is made of blue millefiori glass that has little flowers in it.  The point is 2 inches long x 1 inch wide.  Free shipping to all U.S. destinations.

  • Cheyenne Arrow Replica 1


    A beautiful Cheyenne arrow replica based on a set in the Smithsonian’s collection.

  • Cheyenne Arrow Replica 2


    A beautiful replica Cheyenne/Arapaho arrow that copies a matched set of authentic arrows in the Smithsonian.

  • Cheyenne/Arapaho Arrow 4


    A museum-quality replica of a Cheyenne arrow with fluffs.

  • Dichroic glass knife in Osage orange handle.

    Dichroic Glass Knife 1


    A beautiful knife hand chipped out of dichroic art glass and set in an osage orange handle.

  • fine pressure flaker

    Fine Pressure Flaker


    This fine pressure flaker is made from a 6013 welding rod that is perfect for making very fine arrow points and other fine detail work.  This tool can be used as-is or set into a wooden handle for a better grip, if needed.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Flint Hunting Point

    Flint Hunting Point (85 grains)


    This flint hunting point weighs 85 grains and will arrive at your door ready to hunt. It has finely serrated edges that are super sharp and will bring down large game quickly.  It has no barbs and provides a 1-inch cutting width.  The sharp edges inside the notches and the base have been dulled so the lashings won’t be cut. Click photos for larger images. Not legal in all states, check your local game laws before ordering to ensure it’s legal to use in the state you intend to hunt.    This arrow should be shot from bows pulling 55 lbs or more and mounted to arrows with a minimum weight of 525 grains.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • flint hunting point

    Flint Hunting Point for Modern Arrows (130 grains)


    This stone point is designed to screw into a standard modern carbon fiber or aluminum arrow. It weighs 130 grains and has a 7/8″ wide cutting diameter. It also has a non-barbed profile to conform to some state laws that require a non barbed broadhead design. The stone point is secured into a short hardwood foreshaft and is glued in with epoxy, then wrapped on with artificial sinew. To add to it’s deadly appearance, it’s painted in the same color scheme as a coral snake. Identical stone points I’ve made have been used to take big game in North America and even South Africa, so these points have proved deadly on a variety of big, tough game animals. This point allows even modern bowhunters to experience hunting with primitive points without having to change up their entire set up. These points can be shot from any compound bow, traditional bow, or crossbow. This point is designed for standard carbon fiber or aluminum arrows and will NOT fit into the newer, super slim carbon fiber arrows.

  • Flint Hunting Points (100 grains)


    100 grain big game flint hunting points.