glass arrowhead

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  • Abo Glass Ishi Point, Glass Arrowhead


    A copy of Ishi’s aboriginal arrow points that tipped his arrows when he was living in the wilderness of Northern CA.

  • Blue Millefiori Glass Arrowhead

    Blue Flower Glass Arrowhead, Millefiori Glass Arrowhead


    This beautiful Wintu style arrowhead is made of blue millefiori glass that has little flowers in it.  The point is 2 inches long x 1 inch wide.  Free shipping to all U.S. destinations.

  • Flint Hunting Point

    Flint Hunting Point (85 grains)


    This flint hunting point weighs 85 grains and will arrive at your door ready to hunt. It has finely serrated edges that are super sharp and will bring down large game quickly.  It has no barbs and provides a 1-inch cutting width.  The sharp edges inside the notches and the base have been dulled so the lashings won’t be cut. Click photos for larger images. Not legal in all states, check your local game laws before ordering to ensure it’s legal to use in the state you intend to hunt.    This arrow should be shot from bows pulling 55 lbs or more and mounted to arrows with a minimum weight of 525 grains.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Glass Gunther Point


    A pretty Gunther Barbed point made of opalized glass.

  • wintu point

    Glass Wintu Point


    Wintu arrowhead made of marbled white and lavender glass.

  • Light Blue Glass Wintu Point


    An exquisite Wintu point made from a slab of ice blue glass.

  • Long Blue Glass Wintu Point


    This cool looking Wintu point is made of blue glass and it has a very long, lean profile with delicately made upturned notches.  This point is flat and also quite thin and is a beautiful example of fine flintknapped art.  The Wintu people lived in Northern California near the town of Redding and originally they made their exquisite arrow points out of obsidian, but started using glass after white settlers moved in.

    Arrowhead Specs: 3″ long x 1/2″ wide.