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  • Flint Hunting Point

    Flint Hunting Point (85 grains)


    This flint hunting point weighs 85 grains and will arrive at your door ready to hunt. It has finely serrated edges that are super sharp and will bring down large game quickly.  It has no barbs and provides a 1-inch cutting width.  The sharp edges inside the notches and the base have been dulled so the lashings won’t be cut. Click photos for larger images. Not legal in all states, check your local game laws before ordering to ensure it’s legal to use in the state you intend to hunt.    This arrow should be shot from bows pulling 55 lbs or more and mounted to arrows with a minimum weight of 525 grains.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • flint hunting point

    Flint Hunting Point for Modern Arrows (130 grains)


    This stone point is designed to screw into a standard modern carbon fiber or aluminum arrow. It weighs 130 grains and has a 7/8″ wide cutting diameter. It also has a non-barbed profile to conform to some state laws that require a non barbed broadhead design. The stone point is secured into a short hardwood foreshaft and is glued in with epoxy, then wrapped on with artificial sinew. To add to it’s deadly appearance, it’s painted in the same color scheme as a coral snake. Identical stone points I’ve made have been used to take big game in North America and even South Africa, so these points have proved deadly on a variety of big, tough game animals. This point allows even modern bowhunters to experience hunting with primitive points without having to change up their entire set up. These points can be shot from any compound bow, traditional bow, or crossbow. This point is designed for standard carbon fiber or aluminum arrows and will NOT fit into the newer, super slim carbon fiber arrows.

  • Flint Hunting Points (100 grains)


    These 3 flint hunting points are part of a new designation of points called “Safari Series”, because they proved themselves on several African Safaris. These are designed for one thing: to bring down the biggest, toughest game quickly. They all weigh 100 grains (+/- 4 grains) and they provide a minimum of 7/8″ cutting widths. They have finely serrated edges for large wound channels, rapid blood loss and quick, humane kills. These points have been proven in North America, and recently in Africa where I harvested several African Plains game animals with points identical to these. They’ve proved to be serious, big game killers. No one else has traveled to the other side of the planet to test their products like I have. That’s how much I believe in them. If you ever doubted just how deadly stone points are, take a good long look at the photo of me and my guide with my wildebeest.  That wildebeest was down within seconds after I drove that stone point to his heart.  That should erase any question.  After seeing their performance on tough African Plains game, I’d be fully confident hunting an African lion with them.

    These points should be launched from a bow pulling 55-lbs or more, and should be mounted to arrows weighing a minimum of 525 grains.

  • Flint Hunting Points (15 grains)


    Three small but deadly sharp flint hunting points.

  • Flint Hunting Points (25 Grains)


    Three small but deadly flint hunting points.

  • flint hunting points

    Flint Hunting Points (30 grains)


    This set of 3 economically priced flint hunting points are made of Texas flint and have very sharp, finely serrated edges. They all weigh 30 grains (+/- 2 grains) and are fully functional hunting points designed for big game. These points may be lighter than the typical steel broadhead, but they still provide 7/8 inch cutting widths for large wound channels and short blood trails. These points are thin for minimum resistance, but have stout designs to resist breakage and ensure maximum size retention when striking the target. I’ve taken several deer with points identical in size to these and they’re devastatingly effective when the arrow is put in the right place. Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Flint Hunting Points (55 grains)


    These 3 flint hunting points are made of Texas flint and are deadly sharp. Their finely serrated edges are unsurpassed for hunting and they’re side-notched with no barbs to conform to any state that requires non-barbed arrowheads.  They also provide minimum 7/8-inch cutting widths to comply with states requiring minimum widths.  They’re thin for minimum resistance and their wider cutting width will open gaping holes for short, heavy blood trails and quick recoveries.  They’re stout too, making them resistant to breakage when penetrating ribs. Heavy arrows shot from bows pulling at least 55 lbs are recommended to ensure adequate penetration.  Click photos for larger images.

  • Flint Hunting Points (60 grains)


    This set of 3 matched weight flint hunting points are designed for big game. They all weigh 60 grains (+/- 1 grain) and are side notched for durability and sturdy hafting and do not have any barbs to conform with states that require non-barbed broadheads. The edges are finely serrated and they provide 7/8″ cutting widths for large entry wounds, rapid blood loss and quick, humane kills. These points have been proven in both North America and Africa, and will bring down any big game animal if the arrow is put in the right spot.

  • Flint Hunting Points (80 grains)


    These 3 flint hunting arrow points all weigh 80 grains (+/- 4 grains) and are well made, super sharp hunting points. There’s a nice mix of colors too: bluish gray, khaki tan, and reddish brown. They feature finely serrated edges with sturdy cross-sections for durability when used on tough big game like trophy deer or wild hogs. They’re side-notched without barbs to conform to some states that require non-barbed arrowheads. They also provide a minimum 7/8 inch cutting width for heavy blood trails and quick recoveries. Deliver these points to the vitals of your next trophy and they won’t be going very far.