Hunting Bows

These bows are handmade big game hunting weapons that are carefully crafted to send arrows downrange with deadly speed. They can be made to fit a variety of draw lengths and draw weights, depending on your particular needs. Make no mistake, these bows are serious hunting weapons that have proved deadly on a variety of big game animals in both North America and South Africa.

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  • 35-lb English Longbow of Yew


    This gorgeous English longbow is made of Pacific yew and pulls 35 lbs at 26 inches of draw.  It has nocks of black water buffalo horn and a buttery soft grip of black deerskin.  The string is Fast Flite for minimal stretch and maximum sweetness of release and maximum arrow speed.  The grip has a soft strike plate of black leather on either side of the grip, allowing it to be shot by either a left or right handed archer.  Care/instruction sheet included.  Shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. Shipping price included…no additional shipping fees.

    Bow Specs:  Pacific yew, 73 1/2 ” long, 35 lbs at its maximum draw of 26 inches.

  • hickory hunting bow,hickory hunting bow,

    42-lb Hickory Bow


    This painted hickory bow was made by my friend Dan Spier and it pulls 42-lbs at its max draw of 26 inches.  It’s designed for a right handed shooter with a deer antler arrow rest and a lime green and orange string made of Fast Flite for maximum speed and minimal handshock.  The back is painted with stripes of red, black and yellow, with dots interspersed between the lines.  The grip is wrapped with twine and has accents of red string wraps on both sides of the grip.  This is an effective hunting/target bow.  This bow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe that you can keep and use as a storage/shipping container for the bow.  Care/Instruction sheet included.

    Bow Specs: Hickory self bow, 58 1/2 inches long, 42-lbs at 26 inches. For right handed shooters.

  • 50-lb Pistol Crossbow


    An archery shop near me recently went out of business and I was able to get a few brand new 50-lb PSE Viper SS pistol crossbows.  The one in the photo is an example of what they look like when assembled; the ones I’m offering here are brand new and still in the box.  The photo shows everything that comes with the crossbow.

    These pistol crossbows are serious shooters.  They pull 50 lbs and come with everything you need to assemble them.  They have a fiber optic sight on the front and an adjustable sight on the back so you can fine-tune where it hits.  These crossbows come with 3 arrows (called bolts).  The bolts are plastic and are tipped with a sharp metal field point for target shooting.  If you were serious about making this crossbow into a real hunting weapon, you could have some longer carbon fiber crossbow bolts made at a local archery shop, tip them with small, very sharp 2-blade broadheads and I bet you could hunt with this crossbow, though I’d only recommend close range shots at small to medium-sized game like squirrels and raccoons.  This little crossbow shoots fast at around 200 feet per second with the provided bolts.

    These crossbows come with 2 allen wrenches (for assembling the crossbow), a stringer for stringing and unstringing the crossbow, a dry-fire prevention pin, 3 plastic bolts (crossbow arrows), and bowstring/barrel wax for lubricating the string and contact surface where the string travels when it’s fired.  The string is pulled back via the long cocking arm that protrudes out of the back.  The cocking arm locking pin is released, the cocking arm is folded down and it pulls the string back until it locks.

    These crossbows are BRAND NEW, unused and are still in the box.  Price $60 each +22.50 shipping

  • 50-lb Snakeskin Backed Osage Orange Bow


    This beautiful osage orange bow is backed with the skin of a kingsnake and pulls 50-lbs at its full draw of 28 inches. It has a string of Fast Flite for fast arrow speed and minimal handshock. The handle is black deerskin as is the arrow strike plate. It has whitetail deer antler tip overlays.  With its 50-lb draw weight, this bow is great for target shooting but is also capable of taking down any big game animal in North America with properly tuned arrows. Shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. Care/Instruction sheet included.

    Bow Specs: Osage orange, backed with kingsnake skin. 66″ long tip-to-tip. Deer antler tip overlays, black deerskin grip and arrow strike plate, Fast Flite string. Pulls 50 lbs at 28″ draw.

  • Osage Orange Seeds (10 ct)


    Grow your own bow wood with these osage orange seeds.  Each order is 10 seeds.