primitive arrowhead

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  • Flint Hunting Points (55 grains)


    These 3 flint hunting points are made of Texas flint and are deadly sharp. Their finely serrated edges are unsurpassed for hunting and they’re side-notched with no barbs to conform to any state that requires non-barbed arrowheads.  They also provide minimum 7/8-inch cutting widths to comply with states requiring minimum widths.  They’re thin for minimum resistance and their wider cutting width will open gaping holes for short, heavy blood trails and quick recoveries.  They’re stout too, making them resistant to breakage when penetrating ribs. Heavy arrows shot from bows pulling at least 55 lbs are recommended to ensure adequate penetration.  Click photos for larger images.

  • Flint Hunting Points (80 grains)


    These 3 flint hunting arrow points all weigh 80 grains (+/- 4 grains) and are well made, super sharp hunting points. There’s a nice mix of colors too: bluish gray, khaki tan, and reddish brown. They feature finely serrated edges with sturdy cross-sections for durability when used on tough big game like trophy deer or wild hogs. They’re side-notched without barbs to conform to some states that require non-barbed arrowheads. They also provide a minimum 7/8 inch cutting width for heavy blood trails and quick recoveries. Deliver these points to the vitals of your next trophy and they won’t be going very far.

  • Light Blue Glass Wintu Point


    An exquisite Wintu point made from a slab of ice blue glass.

  • west coast arrowheadwest coast arrow point

    West Coast Arrowhead


    This exquisite little arrowhead is a copy of the kind that are found in southern California and would have once tipped the arrows of the Native Americans who roamed and hunted in the deserts of that region.  These points have a distinct style of side notches that angle downward toward the base.  This point is made of grey Georgetown flint from Texas.   Free shipping within the U.S.