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  • 50-lb Pistol Crossbow


    An archery shop near me recently went out of business and I was able to get a few brand new 50-lb PSE Viper SS pistol crossbows.  The one in the photo is an example of what they look like when assembled; the ones I’m offering here are brand new and still in the box.  The photo shows everything that comes with the crossbow.

    These pistol crossbows are serious shooters.  They pull 50 lbs and come with everything you need to assemble them.  They have a fiber optic sight on the front and an adjustable sight on the back so you can fine-tune where it hits.  These crossbows come with 3 arrows (called bolts).  The bolts are plastic and are tipped with a sharp metal field point for target shooting.  If you were serious about making this crossbow into a real hunting weapon, you could have some longer carbon fiber crossbow bolts made at a local archery shop, tip them with small, very sharp 2-blade broadheads and I bet you could hunt with this crossbow, though I’d only recommend close range shots at small to medium-sized game like squirrels and raccoons.  This little crossbow shoots fast at around 200 feet per second with the provided bolts.

    These crossbows come with 2 allen wrenches (for assembling the crossbow), a stringer for stringing and unstringing the crossbow, a dry-fire prevention pin, 3 plastic bolts (crossbow arrows), and bowstring/barrel wax for lubricating the string and contact surface where the string travels when it’s fired.  The string is pulled back via the long cocking arm that protrudes out of the back.  The cocking arm locking pin is released, the cocking arm is folded down and it pulls the string back until it locks.

    These crossbows are BRAND NEW, unused and are still in the box.  Price $60 each +22.50 shipping

  • Bark Arrow Quiver 1Bark Arrow Quiver

    Bark Arrow Quiver


    This cool arrow quiver is made from a slab of tulip poplar bark that has beaver fur around the rim to minimize the sound of arrows rattling against the opening, as well as a leather lined bottom to keep this quiver quiet when traveling through the forest.  It has a braided leather strap so it can be carried on the back.  There’s also a decorative beaded band that was made in a loom and it stretches the entire length of the quiver.  Quiver length: 18 1/2 inches long, 3 1/2 inches diameter.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • fine pressure flaker

    Fine Pressure Flaker


    This fine pressure flaker is made from a 6013 welding rod that is perfect for making very fine arrow points and other fine detail work.  This tool can be used as-is or set into a wooden handle for a better grip, if needed.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Maquahuitl (Aztec Sword)


    This is a Maquahuitl, which is essentially an Aztec broad sword that was used in prehistory in warfare.  This weapon that could inflict incredibly devastating wounds to an enemy.  This one was made by my good friend Dan Spier.  This is a flattened, wooden paddle that has obsidian blades secured along each edge.  The only difference between this Maquahuitl and the original ones is that this one has bifacially flaked obsidian blades instead of the bladelets that were used in the original Maquahuitls made by the Aztecs.  The obsidian blades in this weapon aren’t quite as sharp as the bladelets, but make no mistake…this weapon is just as deadly as the original ones.  The bifacially flaked obsidian edges in this one are more durable and aren’t as easily chipped or dulled as actual bladelets.  This sword is 28 inches in long total length.

    This Aztec sword must be handled very carefully!  Customer assumes all responsibilities with this product.

    Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Obsidian Tipped Spearobsidian tipped spear

    Obsidian Tipped Spear


    My late friend Dan Spier made this cool spear that’s modeled after the types used by Plains Indian warriors.  The spear shaft is made of bamboo that’s been stained dark reddish brown.  It’s tipped with an obsidian spearpoint.  The point has a reinforced wrapping of brown leather and below that is black beaver fur.  The grip is wrapped with a narrow strip of tan leather that’s accented on both sides with that same dark beaver fur.  It also has turkey wing feather accents with decorative wraps of red felt on the upper part of each feather.  The entire spear is 6 feet long.  Free shipping within the U.S.

  • Osage Orange Seeds (10 ct)


    Grow your own bow wood with these osage orange seeds.  Each order is 10 seeds.