50-lb Pistol Crossbow

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An archery shop near me recently went out of business and I was able to get a few brand new 50-lb PSE Viper SS pistol crossbows.  The one in the photo is an example of what they look like when assembled; the ones I’m offering here are brand new and still in the box.  The photo shows everything that comes with the crossbow.

These pistol crossbows are serious shooters.  They pull 50 lbs and come with everything you need to assemble them.  They have a fiber optic sight on the front and an adjustable sight on the back so you can fine-tune where it hits.  These crossbows come with 3 arrows (called bolts).  The bolts are plastic and are tipped with a sharp metal field point for target shooting.  If you were serious about making this crossbow into a real hunting weapon, you could have some longer carbon fiber crossbow bolts made at a local archery shop, tip them with small, very sharp 2-blade broadheads and I bet you could hunt with this crossbow, though I’d only recommend close range shots at small to medium-sized game like squirrels and raccoons.  This little crossbow shoots fast at around 200 feet per second with the provided bolts.

These crossbows come with 2 allen wrenches (for assembling the crossbow), a stringer for stringing and unstringing the crossbow, a dry-fire prevention pin, 3 plastic bolts (crossbow arrows), and bowstring/barrel wax for lubricating the string and contact surface where the string travels when it’s fired.  The string is pulled back via the long cocking arm that protrudes out of the back.  The cocking arm locking pin is released, the cocking arm is folded down and it pulls the string back until it locks.

These crossbows are BRAND NEW, unused and are still in the box.  Price $60 each +22.50 shipping

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Brand new 50-lb PSE Pistol Crossbow.


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