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  • 25-lb Snakeskin Backed Osage Orange Youth/Ladies Bow


    This handmade osage orange bow is backed with the skin of a copperhead and it has a buttery soft leather grip held with a baseball stitch on the back.  The arrow rest alligator skin.  This bow is 56″ long from tip to tip and it pulls 25 lbs at its maximum draw weight of 25 inches.  This lighter poundage bow is perfect for youth or ladies who don’t want a heavy draw weight bow but still want to enjoy the experience of traditional/primitive archery.  It has a string of Fast Flight for quick arrow speed and a sweet, almost shockless release.  The tips have cocobolo overlays for a reinforced area the string can hang on to.  It’s designed for a right handed archer.  Shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.

    Care/Instruction sheet included. Free shipping to all U.S. customers.