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    Tonkin Cane Arrowshafts (12 ct)


    River cane may have just met its match! Tonkin cane is a type of bamboo that just might give river cane a run for its money. There are several distinct advantages that tonkin cane has over river cane. First, tonkin cane is denser and noticeably harder than river cane. Second, tonkin cane has much thicker walls than river cane, making it much stiffer than rivercane of equal diameter. This means tonkin cane arrows can be considerably smaller in diameter without sacrificing spine or flight quality. And because it’s denser, tonkin cane carries lethal momentum. Smaller diameter shafts encounter less resistance to penetration. That, combined with tonkin’s density, means tonkin cane arrows pack a deadly one-two punch. Don’t let a slim tonkin arrow fool you…this stuff is very durable and can withstand a tremendous amount of abuse without breaking. The front ends can be tapered to fit a field point, drilled out to accommodate hardwood foreshafts, or hunting points can simply be mounted right into the front of the cane.  Unlike river cane, tonkin cane can have its diameter reduced to get it to a particular spine, and the nodes can be flattened to match the outside diameter of the rest of the shaft.   These are raw shafts that will need heating and straightening. Supplies of this material are limited, so get it before it’s gone.