stone arrow point

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  • Pueblo Side Notched Arrowhead, SW Arrowhead


    This pretty little Pueblo Side Notched point is made from a colorful piece of Mookaite jasper from Australia.  This little point sports a lot of different colors: Pink on the tip and one corner ear, a small splash of red, and purple in the center of the point.  This point also has narrow, deep notches and fine diagonal ribbon flaking.  A pretty little point.

    Arrowhead Specs: 1″ long x 5/8″ wide. Free shipping to all US destinations.

  • west coast arrowheadwest coast arrow point

    West Coast Arrowhead


    This exquisite little arrowhead is a copy of the kind that are found in southern California and would have once tipped the arrows of the Native Americans who roamed and hunted in the deserts of that region.  These points have a distinct style of side notches that angle downward toward the base.  This point is made of grey Georgetown flint from Texas.   Free shipping within the U.S.