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    51-lb Snakeskin Backed Osage Hunting Bow SOLD


    Here’s another one of the few remaining hunting bows made by my good friend Dan Spier who sadly passed away in Apr. 2024.  This deadly osage hunting bow pulls 51 lbs at 28 inches and is backed with the skin of a western Diamondback rattlesnake.  It has a string made of Fast Flite for low stretch, fast arrow speed and a sweet release.  The grip is buttery-soft black deerskin with a baseball stitch on the front.  It also has tip overlays of black water buffalo horn.  This bow is designed for hunting big game and is perfect for taking down deer, elk, and tough wild hogs.  It’s shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe that can be kept as a storage/shipping container for the bow.  Care/instruction sheet included.  Free shipping to all U.S. customers.