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    Great Basin Replica Knife


    This obsidian knife is a museum-quality copy of prehistoric knives that have been found in Great Basin caves, one of which was found in a rockshelter in north-central Oregon near the Umpqua River. Identical knives (from the Basketmaker culture) were also used in the Four Corners regions of the Southwestern desert approx 1000 year ago. This knife has a black obsidian blade set into a handle of desert juniper. A hole is drilled in the center of the handle and through the hole is a cord made of hand twisted poplar bark that’s been tied to create a loop. This allows your hand to slip through the loop and the knife dangles from your wrist like a bracelet. This ingenious design keeps the knife ready for use…with a quick flip of the wrist the knife is instantly in your palm where the knife is grasped for use. It also prevents the knife from being dropped and breaking the fragile blade. This is a fully functional knife that is unmatched for skinning large game like deer and elk.   7 1/4-inches total length. Free shipping within the U.S.