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    Anasazi Arrow Replica


    This slim, sleek arrow is a museum-quality replica of authentic Anasazi/Cliff Dweller arrows that have been recovered in caves and rockshelters in the Four Corners region of the American southwest.  This arrow copies every aspect of construction of the originals, including plant species and materials.

    The shaft is made from reed which I recently collected in western Colorado.  It has a hardwood foreshaft of greasewood from that same region and it’s tipped with a small side-notched stone point made of fine grained basalt from northern Arizona.  The point is secured with pine sap glue and deer sinew wrapping.  The arrow is fletched with wing feathers from a wild turkey and the feathers are quite short as many of the original arrows had.  It also has a hardwood plug that’s been inserted into the rear of the hollow reed to make the nock crush-proof when the arrow was drawn and shot.  These same nock plugs were used in authentic arrows, and I could see the small growth rings of the small twig that was used as the plug.  So I did the exact same thing with this arrow and made the nock plug from a small twig. The area under the feathers is painted red.

    This arrow would have been used to take medium and large sized game.  The small stone point is identical to the authentic points that can still be found lying in the desert today.  These small points focus the limited momentum of this lightweight arrow into a very small point, allowing for lethal penetration on large game.  My own personal experiments have proved that the rather light draw weight bows of the Anasazi people and arrows like this one could bring down large game like deer and bighorn sheep.

    This arrow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.  Total arrow length:  31 1/4 inches long.  Free shipping to all U.S. customers.