Northern Africa Arrowhead Replica

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Copy of authentic arrowheads from Northern Africa.

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This simple but pretty arrowhead is a copy of some arrowheads used in Northern Africa around 8,000-12,000 years ago.  They’re sometimes called “hollow base” points due to the deep, concavity in the base.  There were a number of different point styles used in the prehistoric past of the Sahara desert.  Large numbers of these points have been recovered from large sand blow-outs that have occurred when high winds expose previously hidden artifacts.  This point is made of pink chert and has a deep concave base with long ears that would have performed as barbs when the arrow struck its prey.

Evidence shows that approximately 5,000 years ago the Sahara desert was much more lush than it is today.  Frequent rainfall created lakes and streams that would have attracted large numbers of game, and also the humans who hunted them.  Prehistoric encampments have been found to contain the bones of zebra, hippos, wild cats, and even shorebirds that indicate there was abundant water during that remote time.  Artifacts like this arrow point speak to a much more productive time period before climate shifts drove the rainfall away and allowed the Sahara to dry up and become the desolate place it is today.

Arrowhead specs:  Northern Africa (holllow base) arrowhead replica made of pink chert, 7/8″ long x 3/4″ wide.  Free shipping within the U.S.


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