Sierra Miwok Arrow Replica 1

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A beautiful museum-quality replica Sierra Miwok arrow.

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This beautiful arrow is a spot-on, museum-quality replica of one that’s part of a set of Miwok arrows from central California that are currently held in the Smithsonian’s collections. Every intricate detail of the original arrow is faithfully copied on this one and no corners were cut.

The shaft is made from a beautifully straight Oceanspray shoot. It’s tipped with an obsidian point that copies the unique shape of the obsidian points that were on the original arrows I examined. The point is held with pine pitch glue and then wrapped on with deer sinew.

The fletch is 3 Canada goose wing feathers that are wrapped on both ends with deer sinew and glued to the shaft with hide glue, just like the originals. The paint design exactly copies the original arrows. The colors I used on this arrow are NOT store-bought…they’re natural earth pigments and charcoal that I picked up and processed myself, and they match the original arrow EXACTLY.

Look closely at the shaft under the feathers and also behind the point…you’ll notice very fine rings sanded into the shaft. These rings resemble threads on a machine screw. These same rings were present on the original arrows, and they’re a very common feature of Miwok arrows, as well as Hupa and Yurok arrows from farther north. These rings are created by sanding with horsetail rush. Creating these grooves is a time-consuming and painstaking operation, but since they were done on the original arrows I had to do the same. I’m not sure exactly how the Miwok sanded the grooves into their arrows, but I’ve come up with a technique that gives identical results. Most people don’t replicate little details like this because you have to have the very same materials in order to replicate those little rings, and it’s a lot of extra work to get them just right.  But for me, there is no excuse for cutting corners.  Rest assured this arrow is as close as you can get to the originals.  The results speak for themselves.

Arrow Specs:  Replica Sierra Miwok arrow from central California, oceanspray shoot, earth pigment paints, obsidian tip, 28″ long.  Shipped in sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.

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