Flint Hunting Point for Modern Arrows (128 grains)

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This flint hunting point is designed to be attached to standard modern carbon fiber or aluminum arrows.  It weighs 128 grains, has a 1-inch cutting width and is non barbed to conform to some state regs that require a non-barbed broadhead design. The point is glued in place with epoxy and is wrapped on with artificial sinew. This point is made of heat treated Texas flint for maximum sharpness and is designed for taking down tough big game quickly and humanely.  These stone hunting points allow the modern hunter to experience the thrill of taking game as our stone age ancestors did without having to change your hunting set up.  This point can be shot from crossbows, compound bows, or traditional bows.  The kudu in the photo was taken in South Africa with a screw-in stone point identical to the one offered here.  He only fled 40 yards before collapsing.  Free shipping within the U.S.

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128 grain screw-in flint hunting point for modern arrows. Free shipping to all U.S. destinations.


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