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Lavender Blade Knife
An unusual light lavender-colored flint blade is set into a handle of Pacific yew wood from Oregon t..
Ex Tax: $55.00
Making Northern California Paddle Bow and Arrows DVD (International Orders)
This page is for International Orders and will charge the correct shipping to get the DVD to you. ..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Obsidian Butchering Knife NEW!
This simple, but effectively sharp knife is based on actual prehistoric knives found in the Great Ba..
Ex Tax: $53.00
Pastel Banded Knife
Pastel pink and reddish brown banded flint was carefully chipped to make the blade in this knife and..
Ex Tax: $60.00
Primitive Instinct Vol. 1
The first of its kind, Primitive Instinct Vol. 1 is the world's first full-length hunting video show..
Ex Tax: $20.00
Based on 4 reviews.
Primitive Instinct, Vol. 1 (International Orders)
This page is for international orders and will charge the correct shipping rates to get the DVD to y..
Ex Tax: $19.00
Replica Northern Paiute Arrow
This beautiful arrow is a museum-quality replica based on arrow fragments found in the numerous cave..
Ex Tax: $85.00
Rivercane Arrow Shafts (12 ct) BACK IN STOCK
BACK IN STOCK! Shoot what Billy shoots...river cane!  River cane is one of the best primitiv..
Ex Tax: $40.00
Based on 2 reviews.
Sacred Feather Knife
This beautiful knife is made of cobalt blue glass with thin strips of red glass melted into a feathe..
Ex Tax: $80.00
Sands of Time Knife
This stunning knife features a handle of Central American cocobolo wood that's been sanded and seale..
Ex Tax: $65.00
Balance of shipping to Netherlands ..
Ex Tax: $16.25
Small Blue and Yellow Glass Knife
Here's a smaller version of the larger blue, yellow and white glass knife. This knife features a gla..
Ex Tax: $55.00
Snyders Point
This Snyders Point is made from tan heat-treated Burlington chert from Missouri. Authentic examples ..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Squiggle Dichroic Glass Spearpoint
This long, lean spearpoint is made of rainbow dichroic glass with a series of wavy squiggles etched ..
Ex Tax: $45.00
Tonkin Cane Arrow Shafts (12 ct)
River cane may have just met its match! Tonkin cane is a type of bamboo that just might give river c..
Ex Tax: $40.00
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