Northern Paiute Arrow Replica

Northern Paiute Arrow Replica
Northern Paiute Arrow Replica Northern Paiute Arrow Replica Northern Paiute Arrow Replica
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This arrow is a reproduction of Northern Paiute Arrow fragments that were found in rockshelters in the Northern Great Basin. The main shaft is reed. The front of the reed was cut with long "V" cuts to restrict its diameter, then wrapped with sinew to reinforce the front of the reed. A hardwood foreshaft is inserted into the hollow reed and it is tipped with a small side-notched point of orangish agate. The point is held in the haft with pine sap glue, and then a wrapping of deer sinew is criss-crossed through the notches and wrapped under the point to reinforce the shaft and prevent it from splitting upon impact. The arrow is fletched with 3 turkey wing feathers that are secured with sinew and glued to the shaft with hide glue. The simple red paint design is made from natural earth ochre and is NOT store bought color. This simple, but effective arrow is identical to the reproduction Paiute arrows I make and hunt with.

This arrow follows the construction materials of numerous western tribes like the Apache, Southern Paiute, Modoc, Klamath, Papago, Anasazi and many others. Reed was very commonly used for the main shaft and foreshafts of numerous hardwoods were inserted into the front. Because reed is fairly light in weight, small stone or obsidian arrow points were hafted to the front. This concentrates the limited momentum into a smaller surface area and allows for lethal penetration on large game.

Information card included. Shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. Free shipping within U.S.

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