Arapaho/Cheyenne Arrow Replica

Arapaho/Cheyenne Arrow Replica
Arapaho/Cheyenne Arrow Replica Arapaho/Cheyenne Arrow Replica
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This arrow is a spot-on copy of an authentic Cheyenne/Arapaho arrow from the late 1800's that's in the Smithsonian's collection.  The shaft is a hardwood shoot.  It's fletched with a mix of turkey wing and tail feathers (mixing feathers was a common trait on many Plains arrows).  The feathers are secured front and back with sinew and are glued with hide glue.  It also has inserted fluffs in front of the feathers.  The point is made from a circular saw blade and it copies the metal trade points that were made by blacksmiths and traded to the Plains tribes during those times.  The shaft has 3 straight shaft grooves that go from the forward fletch wraps and extend all the way to the point.  The arrow is 27 1/2 inches long. 

These arrows were one reason the Plains tribes were so feared by early travelers.  In fact, soldiers were told to "keep one bullet for yourself" if they ever faced capture by the fearsome Plains Indians.  I'm glad I never had to face that scenario.   

Shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.  

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