Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica

Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica
Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica
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If you want to own a museum-quality replica of Native American weaponry, you can't get any closer than this.

This beautiful arrow is a spot-on copy of a Sioux/Lakota arrow from the northern Plains and it's currently in the Smithsonian's collections. Every aspect of the original arrow was carefully copied in this replica, including wood species used for the shaft, paint design, and materials.
The shaft is made from a beautifully straight dogwood shoot that was carefully sanded, and straightened with heat. The paint design copies the original and it's fletched with a mix of 2 turkey wing and 1 turkey tail feather (mixing of feathers was very common on Plains arrows). The feathers are secured front and back with sinew, then the feathers were glued to the shaft with hide glue. The sinew wrapping on the front of the feathers is an open coil, and this was a common feature of many Sioux arrows I've examined. The point is made from a circular saw blade that matches the shape of the original arrow point. It's also held securely with sinew wrappings. Three wavy shaft grooves are also present on this arrow and they extend from the forward fletch wraps to the point. Shaft grooves are almost universal on Plains arrows and it's very rare to see an original Plains arrow without them.
The wide, flared nock is exactly as the one on the original artifact, and it helps the archer get a better hold when using the pinch grip of the Plains.
This arrow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.

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