Juniper Bowstave SOLD

Juniper Bowstave SOLD
Juniper Bowstave SOLD Juniper Bowstave SOLD Juniper Bowstave SOLD Juniper Bowstave SOLD Juniper Bowstave SOLD Juniper Bowstave SOLD
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This beautiful seasoned stave is a half split from a very straight, almost knot-free tree of western juniper from Oregon.  It has one 1/2 inch diameter knot one one end and an oval shaped 1/4 by 1/2 inch diameter knot on the other.  But knots are no problem with juniper!  This would be a perfect stave for making replica Paiute, Great Basin or western desert Native American bow.  Juniper isn't a well known bow wood because of its softness and light physical weight.  But don't let that fool you, when sinew backed juniper is one of the most flexible, springy bow woods you can get.  The wood is not ring porous like the eastern decidious trees of oak, osage orange or hickory.  That means the back can be flattened with a rasp and the growth rings can be violated when shaping the bow.  Knots can be flattened with a rasp to blend seamlessly with the overall profile of the bow's back.  Sinew backing reinforces the violated knots and growth rings, making it a durable, flexible, and responsive bow that will last a lifetime.  You can also gently reverse tiller it, string it backwards, then sinew back it.  This pre-stresses the sinew so the bow will hold a surprising amount of reflex.  Recurve the tips slightly and you'll have a flexible short bow that will provide surprisingly long, smooth draws within reason.  Juniper responds very well to boiling and steaming and can be bent into a myriad of shapes.  This stave has a slight deflex, but it can easily be shaped into a reflexed and recurved profile with some steam or by boiling.  I don't recommend using grease and dry heat to bend juniper because the grease will soak into the wood and can prevent the sinew back from sticking.   

Juniper was used extensively by many western tribes for their bows.  The Northern and Southern Paiute, Klamath, Modoc, Miwok, Apaches, Willamette Valley tribes (including the Kalapuya), Plateau tribes, and Ishi the Yahi all made juniper bows.  And this would be a perfect stave for making a replica Great Basin or Southwest replica Indian bow.  After making a few of juniper bows myself, I've been very impressed with its performance and flexibility.  It also has a very pleasing aroma when the wood is scraped and sanded. 

Stave Specs:  Western Juniper from Oregon (seasoned 8 years), 58 inches long, 2 1/4 inches wide at center, 1 inch thick at center. 

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