Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD

Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD
Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD
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This wicked replica is a copy of a real Sioux arrow in the Smithsonian and I saw on display several years ago.  Unfortunately I have no details on the date of acquisition or what band of Sioux this arrow is associated with.  Even still, this arrow is a real killer.  

The main shaft is dogwood that's been carefully scraped, sanded and heat straightened.  It has 3 straight shaft grooves that begin at the forward fletch wrap and go almost to the sinew wraps that secure the point.  The fletch is a mix of  two turkey tail feathers and one turkey wing feather, with the wing feather positioned as the cock feather. The feathers were trimmed as they were on the original arrow.  A single blue band is painted under the feathers, just like was on the original arrow.  The feathers are wrapped front and back with deer sinew and are also glued to the shaft with hide glue, just like the old one I saw.  The nock is bulbous and flared, which was common on many Sioux arrows and aided in the pinch grip that was used by many Plains tribes.  And finally, the point.  This unusual point copies the original that was on the arrow I saw.  It's particularly vicious with long double barbs that would make extracting this arrow impossible once shot into prey or an enemy.  The point is made from a circular saw blade that was carefully shaped with a Dremel tool, then it was blackened with an acetylene torch and the edges were sharpend to expose the fresh, silver metal underneath.  The point is secured with a strong wrapping of deer sinew that's also been sealed with hide glue.

For years I've wanted to replicate this arrow and I finally got the time and determination to do it.  The results speak for themselves.  I don't make many arrows like this because of the amount of time and work it takes to create and to replicate it accurately.  And especially when you factor in the time it took to grind out and shape the long, wicked barbs on the point with a dremel tool.  But I'm thrilled with how well it turned out.  This arrow is shipped to you in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.  Click photos for larger images.  

Arrow Specs:  Sioux (Northern Plains), circa 1870's, dogwood shaft, point made from circular saw blade, turkey feather fletch, 26 3/4 inches long.   


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