Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD

Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD
Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD Chinook Arrow Replica SOLD
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This gorgeous arrow is an exquisitely-made museum-quality replica of an authentic Chinook arrow from the Columbia River gorge area between Oregon and Washington State. This arrow is based on real authentic arrows I've examined in museums and one that's in a private collection.  No corners were cut when making this arrow and its quality has to be seen firsthand to be appreciated. 

This is a 2-part arrow.  The main shaft is made of hand split and sanded western red cedar.  The front is wrapped with sinew and then drilled to accept the foreshaft, which is dogwood.  the foreshaft was tapered and a small but very sleek and finely-made little point of banded agate tips the foreshaft.  It's held with pine sap glue and real deer sinew. Points from this region are identical to the one on this arrow...they're commonly known as "gem points" because they were made of colorful semi-precious agate and flint and authenitc example command high prices by collectors.  

The arrow is fletched with Canada goose wing feathers that are wrapped on either end with sinew and glued with hide glue. To complete the authenticity, even the paints are natural earth ochre and modern pigments were used.  

This is a gorgeous example of the exquisite weaponry made and used by the Native hunter of the Pacific NW region.  This arrow represents a surprising amount of time and work to make in order to get it right, but the results speak for themselves.  

This arrow is shipped to you in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.  Arrow length- 31 1/2 inches.


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