3 Flint Hunting points (20 grains) SOLD

3 Flint Hunting points (20 grains) SOLD
3 Flint Hunting points (20 grains) SOLD
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These 3 Flint arrowheads are made of Texas flint and they're designed for hunting. They weigh 20 grains (+/- 3 grains) for weight and arrow flight consistency and provide a minimum 5/8-inch cutting width. They have finely serrated edges thatn are very sharp and will open deep wound channels for quick humane kills as long as the arrow is put in the right place. They are identical to the arrowheads I use for hunting deer, wild pigs and turkeys. Despite their smaller size they've proved themselves deadly in real hunting scenarios on a variety of game. They're much lighter in physical weight than modern steel broadheads, but these are identical to those used by prehistoric cultures the world over for hunting. These points can also be used for replica Native American arrows, necklaces, or jewelry if you don't want to use them for hunting.

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