3 Flint Hunting Points (80 grains)

3 Flint Hunting Points (80 grains)
3 Flint Hunting Points (80 grains)
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These 3 flint hunting arrow points all weigh 80 grains (+/- 4 grains) and are well made, super sharp hunting points. There's a nice mix of colors too: bluish gray, khaki tan, and reddish brown. They feature finely serrated edges with sturdy cross-sections for durability when used on tough big game like trophy deer or wild hogs.  They're side-notched without barbs to conform to some states that require non-barbed arrowheads.  They also provide a minimum 7/8 inch cutting width for heavy blood trails and quick recoveries.  Deliver these points to the vitals of your next trophy and they won't be going very far.      

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