Gunther Barbed Arrowhead

  Gunther Barbed Arrowhead
  Gunther Barbed Arrowhead    Gunther Barbed Arrowhead    Gunther Barbed Arrowhead    Gunther Barbed Arrowhead
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I just finished this beautiful Gunther Barbed arrowhead and it's a beauty. Gunther points tipped the arrows of Indians living in northern California and up into southern Oregon beginning around 1200 A.D. and continued to be used until the late 1800's. They get their name from Gunther Island where they were first discovered during archaeological excavations in the early 1900's.

This point is made of a creamy, yellowish jasper with a lighter white band that loops in the center of the point. It has very sharp barbs, super sharp finely serrated edges, a needle-sharp tip and beautiful symmetry.

These points are often mistaken as "fishing points" due to their long, exaggerated barbs. Blood protein analysis done on the old points revealed blood residues from big game like deer and bighorn sheep were still present, confirming these points were actually used for hunting big game. I put that discovery to the test by shooting a deer with one back in 2015. The point cut massive holes through both lungs, severed the dorsal aorta and punched through the shoulder blade before it finally came to rest in the muscle of the shoulder blade. That deer ran 60 yards and collapsed mid-run (see photo).

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