Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!)

Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!)
Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!) Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!) Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!) Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!) Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!) Replica Mojave Arrow (NEW!)
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This is a replica Mojave Indian arrow from the deserts of southern California.  This arrow is a copy of one that's a matched set of 3 original Mojave arrows held in a private collection. 

The shaft is made of slim but very straight arrowweed shoot from southern CA that I collected 2 years ago.  Arrowweed was very heavily utilized by the Mojave Indians for their arrows so I followed suit and used the same material.  It's fletched with three Canada goose wing feathers that are secured front and back with deer sinew and hide glue.  The feathers are also glued to the shaft with hide glue.  The small side-notched stone point is made of translucent agate and copies the small prehistoric points you can still find scattered in the desert. The point has been glued in place with pine sap glue and then was wrapped with deer sinew and sealed with hide glue.  The red paint design copies the design on the original arrow. 

This arrow would have been used for hunting big game like pronghorn antelope, mule deer, and even big horn sheep.  This arrow would likely have been shot off rather weak bows made of desert willow probably not pulling more than 35 lbs.  But at close range these arrows travel at high speed and are capable of achieving lethal penetration on big game at close range. 

Arrow Specs: Arrowweed shoot, agate point, deer sinew wraps, Canada goose wing feather fletch, 29 3/8 inches long.

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