3 Obsidian Hunting Points (100 grains)

3 Obsidian Hunting Points (100 grains)
3 Obsidian Hunting Points (100 grains)
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These 3 obsidian hunting points are fresh out of the workshop and are ready to bring down your next trophy. They're made for serious hunting...they feature finely serrated edges that are insanely sharp and have wide, 1-inch cutting width for huge wounds, heavy blood trails and quick, humane kills.  They have strong central ridges for durability and are side-notched with no barbs to conform to states that require non-barbed arrowheads.  Due to their wider cutting width, it's strongly recommended that these points be mounted to heavier arrows and they be launched from bows pulling a minimum of 55 lbs.  These points will show no mercy, so be sure of your shot and place them carefully.  Click photos for larger images of these killers.   

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