Fine Pressure Flaker 1

Fine Pressure Flaker 1
Fine Pressure Flaker 1
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If you want to make finely made arrowheads like the ones in this photo, then you need the right tools.  This pressure flaker is perfect for fine work and for creating exquisite arrowheads. It's made from a mild steel rod that's soft enough to grab the stone when you're working on it, but still has enough strength to maintain its integrity.  This tool is perfect for making very fine serrations, expanding notches (like Ishi and Winu points) and creating very fine ribbon flaking.  The working end has been ground and flattened with grinder to a very fine, thin edge that's perfect for creating tiny details in your arrow points.  You could mount this tool into a wooden handle if you like, though I tend to use it as-is.  This is for fine finishing work and is obviously not intended for heavy pressure flaking.  It's 7 inches long and will last at least a year (even if you do a LOT of knapping) before needing replacement. Click photos for larger images. 

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