3 Flint Hunting Points (50 grains)

3 Flint Hunting Points (50 grains)
3 Flint Hunting Points (50 grains)
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These three hunting points are made of heat-treated Texas flint and possess very sharp, finely serrated edges that will open large wound channels for short blood trails and quick kills of any big game animal you set your sights on.  They are flat and straight and have a shorter, stout design that resists breakage to maintain the point's integrity when it strikes the target.  They are side notched and their non-barbed design conform to states' laws that require non-barbed arrowheads.  The edges on the base and inside the notches have been dulled so they won't cut the lashings.  These points provide a minimum 1-inch cutting width.  Click photos for larger images. 

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