3 Flint Hunting Points (40 grains) SOLD

3 Flint Hunting Points (40 grains) SOLD
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Pictured are three beautifully-made hunting points hand-chipped out of Texas flint that are beautifully symmetrical, extremely sharp and are a STEAL at only $45 for this set. They weigh 40 grains (+/-2 grains).  These points are made of high-quality raw flint that gives the best of both worlds: raw flint is stronger and more durable than heat treated stone, but this stone is also of good quality so it's very sharp.  Despite their lighter physical weight, these points provide a 7/8 inch cutting width and are of a non-barbed design to conform to states' requirements where barbed arrowheads are illegal.  These points are made quite thin to minimize drag and ensure maximum penetration.  Their finely serrated edges provide unmatched sharpness and will cut a significant hole for heavy blood trails and quick, humane kills. 

This past October my friend shot 2 deer with identical points made of this flint and both shots hit the spine.  Both deer were immediately paralyzed.  One point buried itself in the vertebra, separating it from the others.  The deer dropped and was dead within a minute.  The point only suffered a small nick off the tip.  The second deer was also hit in the spine, dropping the deer in its tracks.  That point only suffered a slight nick off one corner.  Despite hitting such heavy bone, both points were reusable with almost no damage.  The proof is in the performance, and these points will convince even the most harsh critic just how lethal stone points really are. Click photos for a closer look at these killers.

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