3 Bamboo Spears

3 Bamboo Spears
3 Bamboo Spears 3 Bamboo Spears 3 Bamboo Spears
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These three bamboo spear shafts are designed to be thrown with an atl-atl and are perfect for targets or big game hunting.  They all are 68 inches long and are matched in thickness, taper, diameter, and stiffness for consistency in flight.  They are fairly straight but will require some minor straightening to make them arrow straight. These shafts are somewhat stiff for less oscillation in flight.  The front ends can be wrapped with sinew and blunt foreshafts (for target practice) can be inserted, or stone tipped foreshafts can be added for big game hunting.  Being bamboo they're hollow, which translates into higher speed when thrown.  These spear shafts weigh 1,830 grains, 2,106 and 2,173 grains.  Click photos for larger images.    

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