Banded Tan Spearpoint SOLD

Banded Tan Spearpoint SOLD
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Here's a very well made spearpoint made of heat-treated tan, banded flint with a slight pinkish hue to it.  It's quite thin and features thin, sharp edges that would have devastating results if used for hunting.  It would also make a very effective utility knife for skinning game or a variety of other tasks.  A handle of wood, antler or bone would make this into an attractive knife, and many "spearpoints" found by us today were likely used as knives in the past.  Blades like this one would have been coveted tools, and many artifacts that I've found were used and resharpened until almost nothing was left except the base.  At that point it would have been discarded to be found by us thousands of years later. Click photo for larger image.

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