Obsidian Hunting Point (90 grains)

Obsidian Hunting Point (90 grains)
Obsidian Hunting Point (90 grains)
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Have you ever wanted to try to embrace the world of ancient man by hunting with a stone arrowhead?  Now's your chance.  Now you can try out just one point instead of purchasing a set of 3.  This beautiful arrowhead is made of mahogany obsidian and is designed strictly for hunting.  It weighs 90 grains and has finely serrated edges that are so sharp they feel sticky when your finger is drawn across them.  It has a sleek but stout side-notched design that will resist breakage and maintain its integrity upon striking the prey animal, ensuring heavy, short blood trails for quick, humane kills.  This point provides a 1-inch cutting width and its shape conforms to state laws requiring barbless arrowheads and minimum cutting widths of 7/8 inches or more. Bows pulling a minimum of 55 lbs and/or heavy arrows of 550 grains or more are recommended for this point.  Click photos for larger images.  

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