3 Flint Hunting Points (25 grains)

3 Flint Hunting Points (25 grains)
3 Flint Hunting Points (25 grains)
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These three flint hunting points are completely handmade and are beautifully symmetrical. They're made of Texas flint and all weigh 25 grains (+/- 3 grains).  They have finely serrated edges that are very sharp and are designed specfically for hunting.  They'll prove deadly on a variety of game animals including deer and antelpoe as well as medium and small game.  These points are thin and flat for minimal resistance yet still provide 3/4 inch cutting widths.  They're also side notched with no barbs to conform to some states that have design requirements (no barbs, for instance). 

These points will arrive at your door super sharp and ready for the hunt.  All you need to do is mount them to your arrows.  These points are similar to smaller points used by the Native Americans for hunting big game as opposed to the large broadheads that tip the hunting arrows of modern archers.  These points are also perfect for making Native American replica arrows if you don't want to use them for hunting. 

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