3 Obsidian Hunting Points (70 grains) SOLD

3 Obsidian Hunting Points (70 grains) SOLD
3 Obsidian Hunting Points (70 grains) SOLD
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Here are 3 beautiful mahogany obsidian arrowheads that have super sharp, finely serrated edges ready for your next trophy. They all weigh 70 grains (+/- 4 grains) and provide a minimum 7/8 inch cutting width.  They're side notched with no barbs to conform to some state laws requiring non-barbed arrowheads.  The basal edges and inside the notches have been dulled to prevent cutting the lashings when they're secured to your arrows. 

These points all display different amounts and types of "mahogany".  From left to right, the first point is almost totally black with fine horizontal lines of brown traversing the point from edge to edge.  The center point is almost entirely brown with only a few small spots of black.  And the last point is black on the base with more mottled brown along the midsection and toward the tip.  The different colors and patterns correspond to different lava flows that occured at different times around 6 million years ago.  Each flow contained different amounts of minerals and each flow behaved differently, hence the different colors and flow patterns within the obsidian itself.  They'll transform your hunting arrows into unique works of art that are as beautiful as they are deadly. Click photos for larger images.          

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