3 Flint Hunting Points (70 grs) SOLD

3 Flint Hunting Points (70 grs) SOLD
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This set of three hunting points are made of tan Texas chert and weigh 70 grains (+/- 3 grains).  They have very sharp edges that feel sticky when you run your finger across them and all provide 15/16 of an inch minimum cutting width.  Their design is unbarbed making them legal in states with broadhead design requirements that make barbed arrowheads illegal.  They are made of high quality raw stone which provides very sharp edges but also gives superb durability.  My friend killed 2 deer with points made of this same stone.  On the first deer he point slammed into the neck bone and instantly paralyzed the deer, burying itself in the heavy bone.  It only chipped the very sharp tip off the point. Two weeks later he shot another deer and it also hit the spine, paralyzing that deer as well with no damage to the point!  This stone is incredibly durable and provides lethal sharpness.  Because of their wider cutting width I highly recommend these points be shot from bows pulling 55 lbs or they be mounted to heavy arrows (550 grains or more) to ensure complete penetration. These points will cut massive holes in vital organs resulting in heavy blood loss and quick kills.  Click photo for larger image. 

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