Natural Turkey Wing Secondary Feathers (18 ct) (SOLD OUT)

Natural Turkey Wing Secondary Feathers (18 ct) (SOLD OUT)
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THIS ITEM IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT.  Secondary wing feathers are closer to the turkey's body and are also great for fletching arrows. These feathers are thinner and therefore a bit less robust than primary feathers, but this also makes them quieter in flight.  When the feathers are split each half can be used for fletching, giving you the most for your money.  If you're looking to replicate Native American arrows, look no further.  I've examined hundreds of Indian arrows in the Smithsonian's collections and secondary turkey wing feathers were very commonly used on arrows by the Apache, Sioux, Arapaho, Comanche, Cheyenne, and Cherokee, among many others. These are full, intact feathers taken from domestic bronze turkeys and are enough to fletch a dozen arrows.  

NOTE: Cannot ship to international destinations.

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