Fine Pressure Flaker (SOLD)

Fine Pressure Flaker (SOLD)
Fine Pressure Flaker (SOLD) Fine Pressure Flaker (SOLD)
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This handmade pressure flaking tool features a handle made of pacific yew wood with a horse shoe nail point that's used for very fine pressure flaking of stone arrowheads.  The sharp tip of the tool will allow you to create very fine serrations on your finished arrowheads, giving them a wickedly sharp edge that's perfect for hunting and bringing down any game animal you set your sights on.  This tool is also perfect for making intricate notches, long barbs, and other fine features to your arrowheads. The nail is the perfect hardness, since it's soft enough to engage the stone when you use it, but not too hard that it slips off the stone when you build up pressure.  This tool is for fine finishing work, however.  It's not designed for heavy pressure flaking.  If you do, you risk bending the nail.    

The tool also features two threaded brass wood screws that have steel set screws in their center.  The set screws hold the horseshoe nail securely in place, but as the nail wears down the set screws can be unscrewed and the nail can be pulled out to give you more length.  Then the set screws can be tightened and the tool is ready to use.  To prevent splitting the handle apart when you tighten the set screws, three bands of wire have been wrapped around the handle to reinforce it at this critical point.  Two of those bands have been covered with black gaffers tape to hold it in place.  I have one of these pressure flakers in my tool box and I use it all the's a great tool!  Click photos for larger images.    

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