Apache Arrow Replica

Apache Arrow Replica
Apache Arrow Replica Apache Arrow Replica Apache Arrow Replica
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This museum-quality replica Chircahua Apache arrow is an exact copy of a set of 16 artifacts I examined in the Smithsonian back in 2014. The original arrows were collected in the late 1800's when the Apache were still fighting for their freedom. This arrow copies the original in every respect.

The main shaft is reed that's fletched with a mix of turkey wing and tail feathers (which the originals had). The feathers are secured front and back with sinew but they're not glued to the shaft, just like the originals were done. Red and black paint under the feathers copies the paint scheme of the original arrow. The foreshaft is a dogwood shoot that's been straightened, tapered slightly and tipped with a greyish brown side notched stone point that's been glued with pine pitch and wrapped with sinew. The foreshaft has been painted with a smearing of dark brown paint. The original arrow was painted the same way.

Arrow Length: 36 1/2" long

This arrow is shipped to you in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door. Shipping cost: $16

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