Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!)

Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!)
Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!) Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!) Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!) Modoc Arrow Replica (NEW!)
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This is a museum-quality replica of a Modoc arrow that was in the collection of the late Dr. Bert Grayson. The shaft is made from a syringa shoot. It's fletched with turkey wing feathers and all the paint is natural earth ochre and charcoal. The side-notched point is made of obsidian from Glass Buttes, Oregon. It's secured with pine sap glue and deer sinew, and the feathers are wrapped on both ends with deer sinew and they're also glued to the shaft with hide glue, just like the original.

This arrow isn't's a single shoot. The sinew wrap towards the front of the arrow is painted with ochre, and it's believed these sinew wraps were draw point markers to help the archer draw each arrow consistently, which promoted consistent arrow placement when hunting.

The Modoc lived along Klamath Lake along the California/Oregon border.

Arrow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.

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