Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD

Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD
Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica 3 SOLD
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This Sioux arrow is a copy of one I saw on display in the Museum of American History in Washington, D.C. It copies the original in every respect.  The shaft is made of wild cherry.  It has 3 straight shaft grooves that run from the forward fletch wraps and extend all the way to the point.  It's fletched with two turkey wing feathers and one turkey tail feather (Plains arrows often had different types of feathers on the same arrow...turkey wing and hawk wing feathers, or wing and tail feathers from the same bird). The cock feather on this arrow is dyed red, as it was on the original.  The feathers are wrapped front and back with deer sinew and are sealed with hide glue.  The feathers are also glued to the shaft with hide glue and a single band of green paint is present under the feathers near the rear sinew wrap.  The shaft tapers toward the front where the uniquely shaped metal point is mounted.  The point is made from a circular saw blade and it copies the point on the original arrow.  This arrow isn't as highly decorated as some of the other Plains arrows I've seen, but simple arrows like this one are more typical of the arrows carried by the Plains tribes when on hunting forays or warfare campaigns.  This arrow is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.  Click photos for larger images.  

Arrow Specs: Wild cherry shoot, turkey wing and tail feather fletch (cock feather dyed red), deer sinew wrapping, metal point made from circular saw blade.  25 1/8 inches long.  

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