Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD

Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD
Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux/Lakota Arrow Replica SOLD
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This new arrow is fresh out of the workshop and it's a gorgeous, museum-quality replica of an actual Sioux arrow in the Smithsonian that was collected in 1878.  The original arrow is very likely from the Teton (Western) Sioux.  This arrow copies the original arrow in every aspect. 
The uniquely-shaped point is made from a circular saw blade that was cut out and shaped with a Dremel tool.  It was then heated with a torch to blacken the surface so it would look like the blacksmith -made trade points of that time, then the edges were sharpened on a grinder to reveal the fresh, silver metal underneath.  The point on this arrow is identical to the one on the arrow I copied.  It's wrapped on with a strand of deer leg sinew, then the sinew was coated with hide glue and allowed to dry. 
The shaft is made from a beautifully straight dogwood shoot.  Dogwood was the favorite of many Plains tribes for arrows due to its density, hardness, and durability.  Three shaft grooves begin at the forward fletch wrap and stop just a short of the sinew wrap that secures the point.  The fletch is Canada goose wing feathers which are identical to the eagle feathers that were on the original arrow, the only difference is they are legal to possess whereas eagle feathers are not.  The fletch is secured front and back with deer sinew that's also been sealed with hide glue, and the feathers are also glued to the shaft with hide glue as they were on the original arrow.  The feathers are trimmed just like they were on the original arrow, and the nock is slightly pronounced, just like the arrow I copied.  A simple band of blue paint under the feathers finishes off this arrow.
Arrow Specs: Replica Sioux (Lakota) arrow, most likely Teton (Western) Sioux.  Dogwood shoot, metal point, Canada Goose wing feather fletch, deer sinew wrappings.  25 3/4 inches long.  Shipped in sturdy PVC pipe.
This arrow is a beautiful replica.  It's very "clean", with neatly trimmed feathers, straight clean shaft grooves free of gouges or splinters, nicely applied sinew, and a unique metal point.  I love to recreate  artifacts that are hidden from public view and offer them to you.  This is one of the nicest replica arrows I've made... it's a spot-on copy of the original artifact.   
It takes a surprising amount of work to make an arrow like this and ensure it's archaeologically accurate.  Every meticulous detail of the original arrow was followed: The wood species used for the shaft, the unique point, the way the front of the shaft tapers slightly, the flared nock, the shaft grooves, the simple band of color and the open "coil" of sinew that secures the front of the feathers.  Very few people are willing to invest the time and work involved in researching, photographing, measuring, and then replicating the unique features of authentic arrows like this one because it's a lot of work and time.  
I want you, the customer, to be assured the reproductions I offer are accurate replicas of artifacts based on years of research in museum collections and private collections across the U.S.  These replicas could be displayed in a museum, but they're also sought after by collectors because of my strict adherence to the fine details that make these accurate replicas of the originals. The arrow you see here is based on several trips into the Smithsonian's collections and countless hours photographing, measuring, and cataloging all the important details required to accurately recreate an artifact that's hidden from public view. 
Beware of others selling "Sioux Arrows" tipped with crudely-made stone points (most likely made in India), artificial sinew wrappings, crazy paint designs, or large, gaudy feathers.  Those are dead giveaways of an attempt to pass off an arrow that isn't an authentic copy of an original artifact.

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