Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!)

Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!)
Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!) Comanche Arrow Replica (NEW!)
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This arrow is an exact copy of one of a set of 16 that's in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  The original arrows are part of a complete set including an Osage orange bow, quiver and bowcase, and arrows captured off a Comanche warrior in 1868 near Paint Creek, Texas. This arrow is reproduction of one of those arrows and copies it in every respect.

The shaft is made from a dogwood shoot, which is the same wood the original arrows were made from.  It's been fletched with two turkey tail feathers and one turkey wing feather with the wing feather placed as the cock feather.  The feathers are sinew wrapped on each end but aren't glued, which is a common way Comanche arrows were fletched and is how the original arrow was done.  The front of the shaft is tapered and a metal point is attached to the front with sinew wrapping.  Three straight shaft grooves are present and they start at the forward sinew wrapping and go all the way to the tip, just like the original arrow. The paint design copies the original and the sinew wrapping that secures the point and the front of the feathers has been stained with laundry bluing as it was on the original arrow.  Teeth marks are present on the front part of this arrow  and are made by biting the shaft.  These same teeth marks were present on the orginal arrows and were made by the Comanche warrior holding the shaft with the teeth while straightening it, so I followed suit.  

The paint has been weathered and the shaft has been stained to antique it and make it look old.  This is a beautiful copy of the original arrow and would make a great gift for someone interested in western art or Native American heritage.  Click photos for larger images.

Arrow Specs:  Dogwood shoot, turkey wing and tail fletch, sinew wrappings.  25 3/4 inches long. 


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