Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD

Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD
Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD Cherokee Arrow Replica SOLD
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This arrow is a copy based on local archaeology, early Spanish accounts and research I conducted at the Smithsonian.  The main shaft is river cane from north Georgia.  It has a dogwood foreshaft and it's tipped with a triangular flint point made of black north Georgia flint.  The point is held with pine sap glue and then it's wrapped on with deer sinew.  The fletch is turkey wing feathers secured with sinew and cut in the distinctive 2-feather fletch style used in the Eastern U.S. 
This arrow would have been used during the Mississippian era, between 1,000 and 1,500 years ago and was likely used for both hunting and warfare.  The early Spanish accounts of the southeastern Indians describe their arrows as "...being made of certain canes, like reeds, and tipped with a point of stone like diamond..."  The stone arrow points from that era were simple triangles with no notches, and many of them were quite small.  The prehistoric arrow points from north Georgia were often made of a very high quality black flint and I discovered the source years ago.  The point on this arrow is made of that same flint.  The point on this arrow is a copy of one my friend found several years ago, and the fletch style copies several Cherokee arrows I examined in the Smithsonian back in 2011. 
Arrow Specs: River cane main shaft, dogwood foreshaft, point of north Georgia flint, wild turkey wing fletch, deer sinew wrappings.  31 1/2 inches long.

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