Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD

Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD
Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD Sioux Arrow Replica SOLD
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This arrow is an exact copy of a matching set of 4 Sioux/Lakota arrows in the collection of the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. This arrow matches the originals in every respect:  the shape of the point, the dimensions of the shaft, the colors painted under the feathers, and the way the feathers are trimmed.  The long, lean metal point is made from a circular saw blade that was shaped and heated until it was red hot to blacken the surface to mimic the blacksmith-forged points that were on the original arrows.  The tang was serrated so the sinew would get a better grip and the edges were ground to expose the fresh silver metal underneath just like the points on the original arrrows. A mix of turkey wing and tail feathers was used on this replica.  The original arrows had hawk wing and turkey tail feathers on them, but hawk feathers are illegal to possess so I had to use a legal (but still traditional) substitute.  

The shaft is a beautifully straight dogwood shoot and the paint design copies the originals in both color and dimensions.  The blue is laundry bluing and the green is a natural earth pigment I found in Oregon that was an eerily identical match to the green used on the originals.  The flaring nock was on the original arrows and it gave the Sioux warrior a better grip on the arrow when the pinch grip was used.  The feathers on the artifacts were glued to the shaft with hide glue, as was the metal point and all sinew wrappings so I followed suit and did the same.  The feathers are trimmed just like they were on the ones I examined and deer sinew wrappings are used for every part of the arrow just as it was on the originals.  Three straight shaft grooves are present and copy the ones on the original arrow. A small card comes with the arrow which describes all the construction details and it is shipped in a sturdy PVC pipe to ensure safe delivery to your door.    

This arrow took a lot of time to make, but it's worth it when I'm able to accurately recreate a hidden artifact and make it available to the public.  This stout arrow would have inflicted a serious wound to an enemy or a buffalo when launched from the short, powerful bows of the horse-mounted Lakota warriors. Click photos for larger images. 

Arrow Specs: Dogwood shoot, turkey feather fletch, sinew wrappings, 26 5/8 inches total length.  


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