Replica Apache Arrow (SOLD)

Replica Apache Arrow (SOLD)
Replica Apache Arrow (SOLD) Replica Apache Arrow (SOLD) Replica Apache Arrow (SOLD)
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This replica Apache arrow is a copy of one of a set of 25 that I examined in the Smithsonian last summer.  It has a main shaft of reed, and the front of the reed had four small slits cut so that when it was wrapped with sinew it would restrict its diameter.  Into that smaller cavity is a hardwood foreshaft of dogwood that's tipped with a banded light grey, side-notched flint arrowhead.  It's fletched with a mix of turkey wing and tail feathers just like the original arrow, and the feathers are held with deer sinew.  None of the Apache arrows I examined had the feathers glued, so this one follows suit.  It's tipped with a side-notched point of banded light gray flint that's held in place with pine sap glue and deer sinew.  The paint design, way the feathers are trimmed, and the size of the arrow are all just as the original arrow is.

The Apache arrows I examined are some of the largest, beefiest Native American arrows I've seen.  The reed was quite large in diameter and the foreshafts were tipped with either flint or metal points.  These arrows would have had a devastating effect on enemies and game alike.  The Apache were masters at guerilla warfare, staging hit-and-run attacks on settlers who were unlucky enough to wander into their territory.  They also had incredible stamina and a toughness that was forged from the harsh land they called home.  The original arrows I examined were collected in the 1870's at the end of the Apache's fight to remain free. Click photos for larger images. 

Arrow length- 38 1/4 inches.   

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