Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD)

Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD)
Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD) Replica Sioux Arrow (SOLD)
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Just finished this replica Sioux arrow, and boy is it a beauty. This is an exact copy of one that was in a set of five Sioux arrows I examined in the Smithsonian a few years back for the Treasures of the Smithsonian article series that was published in Primitive Archer Magazine.  The original artifacts were collected in 1869, and this arrow follows them in every aspect.  It's made from a dogwood shoot that's beautifully straight.  The long fletching is two long turkey wing feathers and one dark peacock wing feather.  I had to use a peacock feather in place of the eagle feather that was on the orginal artifact since eagle feathers are illegal to possess, but it looks just like the real thing.  The feathers are all glued with hide glue as was done on the original arrow.  The metal arrowhead is made from a circular saw blade and is identical in size and shape to the point on the original arrow. The red and blue paint design under the feathers is exactly as on the original arrow, not just in color but also in size and location.  The shaft has three straight grooves that begin right under the forward fletch wraps and extend to the tip. All wrappings are real deer sinew.  

When I look at the photographs of the artifact and compare them to this arrow, they look like they were made by the same person...150 years apart.  EVERYTHING about the original arrow is represented in this replica, including the shaft diameter, the shape of the nock, the way the feathers are trimmed, the open "coil" of sinew that holds the front of the feathers down, and the way the front of the shaft is tapered at the point.  It's such a satisfying feeling to be able to create an almost perfect carbon copy of an artifact that's hidden from public view. That's why seeing the originals is so important. All distinctive features of Sioux arrows have been copied on this one, but these details are missed by most replicators because they haven't seen the real thing. This knowledge only comes from years of experience examining the original artifacts in detail.  This gorgeous arrow is perfect for history buffs or anyone who loves unique collectables.  Arrow length- 26 inches.

If you'd like to see the photos of the original arrows that this one was copied from, as well as other authentic Sioux archery gear housed in the Smithsonian, order the Aug/Sept 2010 issue of Primitive Archer Magazine and check out my article Treasures of the Smithsonian, Part IV.


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